why do black women have bigger butts

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why do black women have bigger butts As Seen On TV

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why do black women have bigger butts

why do black women have bigger butts

So why do black women have bigger butts? It does seem true, watch BETA or MTV sometime and you will notice the trend as well. Even music is and has been exemplifying this theory for years. For example listen to music from the late ‘80s-‘90s “I like big butts…” or “Baby’s got back…” Ask the men out there what they are attracted to sometime. I don’t think you will find many that are going to say “I like a flat boney butt”. Couple this with TV and Movie Culture and you will see this trend is on a drastic rise.

But why! There are many, many theories regarding the question “why do black women have bigger butts”. We will look at just a few ideas out there.

One theory answering the question is simply GENETICS! But even this theory has several interpretations / reasons. The first idea is simple anatomical differences such as higher ribcage, difference in the curvature of the spine, etc. This list can go on and on and also be argued as true or false. What we DO know however, is that genetics will always be on a constant change. Take a woman with a family history of large butts for example. Now this woman produces offspring with a man who has a family history of flat butts. Depending on whose genetics happen to affect the resulting offspring’s physical appearances, genetics can and does alter over time. Let’s say the offspring in this case results in a flat butt. Now this child once grown has a child with another person who also has a trend of flat butts in their family history. The trend to maintain a flat butt is now increased for the next round of offspring and so on. The same is true in the opposite direction resulting in bigger butts, so essentially genetics are ever evolving and changing.

Another theory is more geographically based. Some studies are trying to associate climatic conditions to the bigger butt size. One theory found in a quick Google search, explains why do black women have bigger butts. The theory is that the added fat stores found in black women’s butts are purely a natural survival evolution. Black women originate generally from hot arid portions of the globe with low water and food supplies. The body in turn creates a “storehouse” of fat in which to utilize during “lean times” such as drought and famine. This “fat storehouse” can then be used during these harsh conditions to have a survival edge. This is especially important to maintain the ability to produce children. If the mother is starving, an infant will have no nourishment available from the mother. 

Survival of the fittest, evolution, genetics… it is a debate that will likely have no end. But simple observation will show you that no matter what the opinion on answering why do black women have bigger butts, it is simply a part of life today that more and more men across the globe are seeking.

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