Posted on November 13th, 2013

Written By: Glutimax

Get a bigger butt with natural herbs and vitamins that are backed up by real science

Have you ever came across or know that old lady that still looks great for her age… she states that it is thanks to some type of beauty lotion or something of the sort? Well besides genetics, this could very well be true!

There are a ton of companies in the personal care industry that have gotten to the bottom of these types of products. Normally companies through studies and clinical trails determine what works and what does not. Once they figure out what is working, they put a product together and get to work marketing it. Over the years, many of these companies would agree that the ingredients that seem to be the most effective are ones like vitamin C, vitamin D, aloe vera and shea butter among others.

So then the companies form a concoction of these ingredients along with some others ones to invent their product. If you want to be sure that the product you are using has a lot of the good stuff in it, just read the label. The ingredients are always listed in descending order of concentration. This means that if the “good stuff” is near the middle or at the bottom of the list, you’re either over paying or simply getting ripped off LOL.

When you get a trusted product that is formulated and manufactured the right way, they do work. And there is science behind this to back it up! We put together a list of 5 natural ingredients that work for you.


aloe vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera: a succulent plant species that is said to have originated in Sudan and is distributed world wide. The aloe vera benefits for skin health care are astonishing because of it’s restorative and calming properties. Aloe has the ability to penetrate the deep various layers of our skin and even reach muscles fast. This penetrates your skin so deep that it can even go past your muscle and absorb into your bones. Science states that Aloe Vera is an antibacterial. It has certainly been proven to speed up wounds in rats when tested on them. For people who have had dermabrasion treatment, their damaged skin healed 38% faster or more when aloe was applied. Aloe vera also acts at the cellular level to nourish and regenerate skin cells which is effective for skin care.




Honey: made using nectar from flowers and contains natural anti-microbial and antioxidant properties which protect the skin. It rejuvenates depleted skin and also leaves it feeling supple, silky and soft. Before antibiotics, honey was frequently used in wounds to accelerate healing. When applied topically, it prevents scarring and demonstrates antibacterial action.


shea butter

shea butter

Shea Butter: its application exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties which has many benefits. It is an oil made from nuts on karite nut trees. For one, it will reduce the effects of ultra violet sun damage because of the contained cinnamic acid. It has been used for thousands of years and has magical effects for skin conditions such as ulcerated skin, dryness, burns and more. It also contains vegetable fats that promote cell circulation and regeneration. This makes shea butter is a ingredient to use on aging skin or just skin rejuvenation.


argon oil

argon oil

Argan Oil: this has plenty of linoleic acid which when applied is proven to fight things such as scarring, psoriasis, wrinkles, acne and more.


vitamin c

vitamin c

Vitamin C: this powerful antioxidant helps minimize fine wrinkles, improves wound healing time, fights free-radical damage and more.


If you are looking for more information about our all natural program made form these powerful ingredients, see the new Glutimax TV commercial online and try it now to get a bigger butt.


The Glutimax Team

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