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Posted on November 13th, 2013

Get a bigger butt with natural herbs and vitamins that are backed up by real science

Have you ever came across or know that old lady that still looks great for her age… she states that it is thanks to some type of beauty lotion or something of the sort? Well besides genetics, this could very … Read More...


Posted on November 4th, 2013

University of Oxford study shows women with big butts are smarter and healthier without butt cream!

Scientists at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom have been studying women with big buttocks and they were using Glutimax butt enhancement cream! These women were different ages, sizes, etc. They’ve recently uncovered evidence … Read More...


Posted on October 25th, 2013

Betty Pino dies from butt enhancement complications

By Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream

Radio celebrity Betty Pino has died due to complications with her butt implant procedures.  This is actually pretty common these days believe it or not. Betty Pino had battled with a variety of procedures for … Read More...


Posted on October 17th, 2013

Scumbag in Florida arrested for giving illegal butt enhancement injections

So this guy in Orlando, Matthew Schultz, was arrested for “practicing medicine without a license”. This dirt bag has been illegally shooting up people with silicone butt injections that couldn’t afford to have them done professionally. This guy was doing … Read More...


Posted on September 24th, 2013

Bad butt implant! Woman from NY dies undergoing a butt implant procedure…

The NY Post reported on 09/21/13 that a woman from here in NY died after getting a butt implant procedure and a tummy tuck, WOW. This so-called doctor, Hector Cabral, was accused of “unauthorized practice of medicine” and could’ve ended … Read More...


Posted on September 18th, 2013

Georgea Kovanis tries breast volumizing lotion on her buttocks!

On 09/16/13 a Detroit Free Press shopping writer, Georgea Kovanis, was recently writing about how she tried a breast volumizing lotion. The lotion had advised on the literature that it can also be used on the buttocks. If the product … Read More...


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