Posted on September 24th, 2013

Written By: Glutimax

Bad butt implant! Woman from NY dies undergoing a butt implant procedure…

The NY Post reported on 09/21/13 that a woman from here in NY died after getting a butt implant procedure and a tummy tuck, WOW. This so-called doctor, Hector Cabral, was accused of “unauthorized practice of medicine” and could’ve ended up doing 20 years in the can! But no instead, this guy gets a fine and sent back to his home in the Dominican Republic? Great- so now he can run around and slice these poor women up in the Dominican Republic? What is going on with the system these days?

She had spent $6000 for the butt implants and tummy tuck when it would’ve cost her $15,00 if she had it done in the USA. So she flew to this guy’s offices in Santo Domingo to undergo the procedure. Beforehand, this so called “doctor” was strolling around NY looking to lure women in to offices in Santo Domingo for these butt implant procedures. He was scouting them out at nail and hair salons for example. What a sicko…

After 17 days of torture dealing with the after math, she unfortunately passed away in a Santo Domingo clinic. This is such a sad story, the woman was only 31 years old.

We wish in cases like this consumers would try an all natural and safer approach first. Not only are products like Glutimax butt enhancement cream safer, they’re much more cost effective. We think in many cases like this the consumers just simply don’t know that there are natural herbal products available that can help them achieve body and sexual enhancement. These all natural products made from safe ingredients that are not harmful to your body or skin in any way unlike many butt implant procedures can be.

We apologize to the family and friends that have lost this woman to this twisted quack of a doctor…

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