Posted on August 2nd, 2013

Women are actually dying from butt enhancement surgery and injections!

Glutimax butt augmentation cream was developed to offer consumers an all natural, safe and effective alternative to costly and dangerous butt augmentation surgery. Glutimax is the only product of it’s kind in the world to offer YOU an alternative to ‘buttock implant’ procedures.

Any surgical procedure has potential complications. If you are considering one of these procedures, you should be informed before you make your final decision. Take a look at some of the risks of undergoing these butt augmentation procedures.

BLEEDING – This, at worst, may require another operation to stop the bleeding. This is possible as with any surgery.

SWELLING – Every surgery causes tissue swelling and this is sometimes temporary. With typical butt augmentation procedures, implants take longer than usual for the swelling to subside.

INFECTIONS – Infections, if untreated, can become DEADLY. If an infection does occur, it happens within 4 to 5 days. Then the butt implant would need to be removed. Patients would require antibiotics and/or hospitalization if an infection does in fact occur.

PAIN – Butt augmentation procedures are known to be very painful operations. This can naturally be easier for the patient by prescribing them pain medications. These medications are normally very expensive, strong and unhealthy for your system to intake. The pain can indeed last for many months or longer!

DAMAGE TO SKIN – This may be temporary or permanent. Skin can easily become stretched and/or scarring can occur.

INJURY TO NERVES – A typical symptom of this is numbness or a ‘prickly’ sensation. Nerves are easily injured during these procedures.

NEED FOR MORE PROCEDURES – Any implant operation can require a follow-up procedure to improve the implant (size, shape, improve the position, etc.). Keep in mind that an artificial device is being placed into your body’s tissue. There are COUNTLESS known cases where implants have shifted or cracked for example.

LOSS OF TIME FROM WORK/LIFE – Extended recovery can always occur and is something to certainly keep in mind.

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