How Glutimax Butt Enhancement Works

Glutimax cream goes right to work fast stimulating new cellular growth in cells of tissue and muscle. This special proprietary blend of herbs, roots and vitamins will help increase volume and decrease collagen loss which will give you more "curves".

how glutimax butt enhancement works

Butt enhancement seems to be the new craze these days, right? All of the women and men are hyping up about enhancing their butt size. And why not? They want to look better at the beach or the pool. It goes back to that old concept- look good, feel good...

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People generally start looking to enhance their butt when their skin is stretched to the point of breaking down. Similar to how elastic will lose it's elasticity over time. Losing collagen and elastin in your skin will also cause fine lines, stretch marks, tone loss and wrinkles too.

As this gradual breakdown in your skin is happening over time, it is losing collagen and elastin. Along with excessive stretching to the skin, it actually starts to show through to your skin externally to yourself and others. This external area in your skin is scientifically known as the epidermis (skin layers).

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When you start to apply Glutimax, it actually penetrates through the epidermis (the top skin layer) deep down into the second layer of your skin which is known as the dermis. Here is where our all natural formulation of ingredients go to work! This butt enhancement cream goes to work repairing the damage to your skin FAST. It goes to work repairing your skin cells and tissue from the inside, out.

Glutimax is a safe and very effective micro active topical cream that penetrates deep into your skin! This formula will make your buttocks bigger, rounder and firmer in just weeks! Our formulation is made up of the safest and finest all natural ingredients in the world.

3 Easy Steps

Glutimax butt enhancement cream does what no other product can come close to doing. It is also very gentle and will not irritate your skin!

Glutimax will also help fight:

» Cellulite
» Fine Lines
» Wrinkles
» Stretch Marks
» Collagen Loss

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Glutimax was developed from years of research and studies creating a safe, natural and effective butt enhancement formulation. Not only is Glutimax the industry founder, but we're the industry leaders as well. Our brand is known to be the most effective and trusted brand in this market! Do not be fooled by the new comers, knock off's and imitators.

• Glutimax goes to work fast stimulating new cellular growth in the cells of tissue and muscle in your body. The active buttocks enhancement ingredients contained in Glutimax go directly to the desired area of your body via our scientifically advanced transdermal delivery system. This type of transdermal delivery to the targeted area is safe, gentle, fast and effective! This cream can process transdermal delivery at a higher rate than any pill or capsule ever can that claims to do the same...

Topically Applied Butt Enhancement
• Glutimax is 100% all natural and topically applied. This application will deliver repair at the desired area fast. Because of the way the delivery system works, the application retains higher levels of efficiency and enhances effectiveness. This proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs and roots will help increase volume and decrease collagen loss. Your skin will retain the moisture and fatty acids it needs to give you those healthy eye catching curves in just weeks...


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