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Women today want more rounded bigger butt and hips. But how can you get a bigger butt and hips without stacking on a ton of unwanted weight? How do I get that curvy bigger butt and hips like Kim K. or J-Lo? It's a question asked and not properly answered in many forums you find online. There are 3 key elements to achieving a bigger butt and hips and Glutimax is here to give you that knowledge!

1. Proper Diet
2. Exercise

PROPER DIET: Critical in any "body modification". It is quite true, you are what you eat! Stay away from candies, high amounts of sugars and junk foods. Stop eating at that favorite fast food place. Remember, different types of healthy fats in your diet are going to be needed to gain a little extra in the right places! It is highly suggested to consume multiple smaller meals throughout the day that consist of protein rich foods that have the right kind of fat. Legumes and nuts are great sources of both. Don't forget to eat lots of fruits and veggies! Foods high in complex carbs like yams (candied yams are packed with complex carbs!), potatoes, oats etc. Not only are these foods good for a bigger butt and hips, they are also very healthy overall for your well being.

EXERCISE: All the proper food groups above now need to be linked up with proper exercises. Try to focus on what you are attempting to do... you don't want to do the wrong types of workouts and end up even further away from your goal of a bigger butt and hips. Lunges and squats will focus in the butt and hips area. There are many examples within our website for you to follow. We also recommend that if you have a little extra tummy fat, that you do some cardio and sit-ups / crunches. By trimming down the waist line, you will start to show curves you never knew you may have already had! Feel free to browse our many other pages for all sorts of advice on exercise for a bigger butt and hips!

GLUTIMAX: Our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients has been designed to work completely alone. However, if you want to really get the jump on having a bigger butt and hips as fast as possible, we highly recommend using our bigger butt and hips cream along with proper diet and exercise to maximize your results even faster!

Combining these 3 critical elements in our bigger butt and hips solution will help you achieve that dream butt in a rapid but healthy way. Order Glutimax bigger butt and hips cream today! You won't be disappointed!

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