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bigger butt exercises with glutimax

These bigger butt exercises along with using the Glutimax program will offer you the best and fastest results possible! Take a look at these encouraged bigger butt exercises to achieve maximum results.

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FACE DOWN HIPLIFTS- While laying on your stomach, facedown and arms folded under your head like you are going to take a nap, legs straight. Bend either leg, pointing your knee outward; rest your foot on the back of your other knee, maintaining your hips flat on the floor. Now simply squeeze the butt cheek of your bent leg and slowly lift that knee up off the ground a few inches. Keep that hip touching the ground as you lift the knee- this is crucial in proper form for this exercise. Pause and hold this position for 3-5 seconds, then return to the beginning position. You want to repeat this 10-12 times then switch to the other side and repeat.

SIDE LEG RAISE- (exercise band recommended) Choose a side to lie on. If you can, put an exercise band around your ankles for maximum effect or even some ankle weights will work fine. Lay your head on your floor arm, and extend the upper arm forward with hand on the floor for support and balance. Keeping a firm and ridged posture (no cheating, let the butt do the work) lift that upper leg as high as you can then return to the starting position. This is a single repetition. The key to this exercise is to take it slow and have proper form. Slow when you lift up, slow when you return. This one is sure to get the butt burning!

SIDE STEPS- (exercise band required) Standing straight, posture is always important, place an exercise band around your legs just below your knees. Now all you do is simply take slow side steps to one direction as far as your space allows or roughly 20 feet. Then switch and step the other way the same distance, always slowly. Do not cheat by letting the exercise band do your work! You have to resist the exercise band when you are bringing your legs together between steps. Repeat this 10-12 times.

THE WEDGE- (also known as the clamshell) Lay down on your side. Bend your legs 45 degrees, knees and heels touching each other. Now lift your upper knee as high as you can, using only your butt, while keeping your heels touching. Hold this lifted position for a moment then return to the beginning position. Make sure you keep that bottom leg planted to the ground! Again, form is everything! Bad form will not give the results this exercise (or any bigger butt exercises for that matter) is intended to accomplish!

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