Butt Enlargement Pills And The Dangers

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Consumers would normally start looking for butt enlargement pills when their back side curves are losing tone and the skin is breaking down. It is like when a standard household rubber band gets stretched over and over again. It breaks right down losing it's elasticity.

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Pills or capsules can be questionable when taking. Many people have reactions to them that other won't have reactions to. In so many cases, different pills affect consumers in different ways. It seems like in general, people would rather use a topically applied cream versus swallowing a pill or capsule.

Introducing Glutimax the famous cream as seen on tv. Glutimax is a effective, safe and impressive. This micro-active topical lotion will actually make your buttocks firmer, bigger and rounder... quickly! Just continue to use it religiously for the first 2-3 months.

This alternative to butt enlargement pills will do what no over-the-counter capsule or pill will do. And how would a pill target any particular area of your body anyways? Wouldn't you rather use a cream that you can apply to specific desired areas?

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Beware Of Butt Enlargement Pill Side Effects

Any pill can have side effects- even ordinary over the counter vitamin pills can create allergic reactions such as: indigestion, irritable bowels, abdominal pain (stomach pain), chest pain, headaches (severe), eye problems (blurred vision), swelling and/or aching in joints, rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue. Just watch a TV commercial for the pills the drug companies are pushing out sometime. The TV commercials tend to have one issue the pill is addressing, yet the list of side effects is staggering. Why take the risks using an unproven butt enlargement pill when there is Glutimax butt enlargement cream.

A search on any major internet search engine will display some pills for buttocks enhancement. They claim that using their pills will result in better shaped and fuller buttocks. But do they work?

Look for the experiences of customers using these pills and sharing reviews. One quick search on Amazon for example, resulted in this review: "Thinking about trying those butt enhancement pills, do not!!!! Save your money b/c they don't work. Those pills just made me fat at places I don't want. I tried them and it took me months to lose the extra weight. Never again..."


Now why was this customer unhappy? Well, these pills and capsules do not have the ability to concentrate on only the area you wish to improve! They must be digested and broken down by your body, filtered through your kidneys and liver, and are delivered throughout the ENTIRE body via your blood circulation. This non-focused usage of the ingredients in the pills for butt enlargement will result in other areas getting the effects.

Most Of These Pills Are Here Today & Gone Tomorrow

Glutimax has been a stable and highly reputed manufacturer of our all natural, safe, EFFECTIVE butt enlargement cream since 2007! We back our product with a rock solid money back guarantee that the butt enlargement pill companies would never even think of offering you. Our goal is always your 100% satisfaction! Glutimax receives new orders daily from unhappy former butt enlargement pill users who end up sending testimonials to us within weeks of receiving our Glutimax butt enhancing cream! Not only that, but many of these former butt enlargement pill users have also now been able to brag to us about increases in their butt size of up to 28% or more after following our recommended 6 month program!

Here is what some of the butt enlargement pill companies have to offer you with what they think is a guarantee (with all sorts of conditions of course): Returned orders will incur a 20% restocking fee. 100% Money Back Guarantee once you have taken the product for 4 months or longer- and this has to be the best condition of them all: Customer must provide before and after pictures (1 photo every 30 days) while using the product.

Sure you may see a little result, but at the same time do you really want more size added to your waistline? How about those unsightly rolls of back-fat or the ever disturbing bicep sag? Want a tummy? Eat some pills for buttocks enhancement and you will soon regret ever even swallowing the first pill. That is because the pills are designed to change metabolisms. It is designed to grow layers of fat supposedly only in the buttocks and hip region. They claim if you are skinny and have a high or fast metabolism the pills will slow down the metabolism thus redirecting the fat cells to specifically your buttocks and hips. But the same pills for buttocks enhancement also make this same claim: Fuller figured? These will transfer any existing weight (fat) from your belly and waistline to your buttocks and hip region. Now how the heck is the EXACT same pill going to effect two completely different body types with the same end results? They CANNOT!

So how does Glutimax accomplish these goals? Glutimax is unlike the pills for buttocks enhancement since a cream can be utilized to isolate ONLY the region you wish to target! It absorbs directly through the dermal layers of your skin and concentrates only where you want it! No risks to your health, no risks of added weight gain, no risks of those rolls of unsightly and embarrassing back-fat suddenly appearing- NO RISK!

Don't Take A Chance With These Butt Enlargement Pills

Try a safe and natural topical approach like Glutimax instead of using these potentially dangerous "pills". Don't bother with ingesting those harmful butt enlargement pill "knock off" products! Try Glutimax now RISK FREE because of our money back guarantee.

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