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Surgical butt enlargement, also known as gluteoplasty, is an option many women are looking into. There are several different methods to this procedure of butt enlargement such as fat transfer via liposuction from other areas of your body or even butt implants. The implants are placed typically in women with flat or thin buttocks in order to make them more rounded and curvy. This is commonly referred to as the Brazilian Butt Enlargement Lift Surgery.

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First the butt enlargement surgeon will determine if the patient has enough fat stores to use for the purpose of relocation to the butt. If the woman has enough fat stores to utilize in butt enlargement, the surgeon will typically perform liposuction on a different area of the body to extract and harvest the fat that will be needed in this butt enlargement procedure. Then this fat is injected into the gluteus muscle and fat areas, paying special attention to make sure it is relocated close to a blood supply. By not doing so, the fat is less apt to survive and the chances of it being reabsorbed by your body increase drastically. After such a procedure, butt enlargement patients must wear supportive garments for approximately six to eight weeks and are unable to return to work for at least 10 to 14 days. And all this is if you are only receiving the fat transfer type of surgery (liposuction/relocation).

Now, the above options do not apply to most women looking to increase their butt size, especially women with small frames having for example a slender dress size such as size 1-4. Those women will need to undergo an even more invasive, and more risky surgical procedure involving the insertion of butt implants. Butt implants result in a scar much like you would see with breast augmentation surgery. When getting a butt implant performed, you are primarily reshaping the butt with a solid to semisolid form of silicone while under either General Anesthesia, a Spinal, heavy IV Sedation or an Epidural like you would receive during child birthing. Implants are typically modifying the upper buttock and upper mid buttock area, not filling in the other areas of concern. To fill these areas, most of the time after close evaluation and analysis, secondary procedures will need to be performed to reach the desired goals. Again, we now need to perform the above detailed liposuction/relocation of fat cells or you may risk having a lumpy and strange appearing butt that somewhat resembles a sack of potatoes! So now you are combining an implant procedure with liposuction in most cases. You are adding even more risk of post surgical infection since you are not only making incisions to place the butt implants in, but are also adding incisions when you are harvesting the fat stores for the liposuction portion of this procedure. Butt enlargement surgery of any kind has risks such as infection, anesthesia, heart attack, phantom pain and discomfort, nerve damage, the list of surgical side effects alone could make your mind spin. Then to make things even less desirable, the healing times involved... on average it will take at a minimum of 3 months for the swelling involved to subside and for the implants to even settle into their normal final position.

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