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There are various techniques out there today in regards to buttocks enhancement surgery. A few of these are detailed as follows:

Autologous Buttocks Augmentation: Here the surgeon removes excessive rolls of fatty tissue for relocation beneath the buttocks in order to add fullness and improve the buttocks shape.

Liposculpture: This is a procedure commonly referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Utilizing liposuction, the surgeon literally sucks out fat cells from an area typically in the abdominal region and reintroduces it to the buttocks area. This buttocks enhancement surgery is designed to increase overall volume in an attempt to create a better profile appearance that is lifted and tight.

Implants: Not unlike common breast implants, this buttocks enhancement surgery is done using small incisions at the inner portion of the buttocks crease and then inserting a pouch similar to breast implants, adding size and shape to each buttock.

So you're looking for a buttocks enhancement surgeon? Well you may want to think twice about this type of a procedure? Are you aware that HUNDREDS of consumers are dying EVERY YEAR from these types of operations? Now that you know the types of buttocks enhancement surgery that are available, here is a little more info to go over:

Did you know only a HANDFUL of US based surgeons are schooled in these types of procedures? With the amount of money to be made from women desiring this buttocks enhancement surgery, why are more cosmetic surgeons not getting involved? Risks vs. Rewards perhaps?

Are you relatively thin and seeking that voluptuous butt? Well, if you are thin, your only surgical option is probably going to be the implants. The other types of buttocks enhancement surgery above would not be possible as they take from existing fat stores- something you do not have! Those surgeries are typically ideal only for women wearing sizes 8-12. But be aware, there is a downside to transferring fatty tissues like the surgeries above- some of the fatty tissue is going to be reabsorbed by your body. How much is unable to be determined so you really have not any clue just how the results will turn out. Especially considering that with these types of surgeries you will have swelling associated with it and this can take several months to reduce before you can even see the final result! Why spend all that hard earned money on a surgical procedure, with all the potential risks associated, and still not know what the true end result will be for several months?

Have you considered a natural alternative type approach first? Surgery can be harmful, expensive, painful and even DEADLY! Glutimax was created for consumers who wanted a natural safe alternative to these types of procedures. Ya nothing may work as well as a butt implant. But do you really want silicone pumped into your back side that may need to be removed later? Think about going through the surgery, all the pain, all the money- just to have to go through it all over again in a few short years to have it corrected.

Glutimax is not only the industry founder but the industry leader when it comes to a butt enhancement cream product. This cream does what no other "over the counter" or prescription medication can come close to doing. Glutimax is a very gentle herbal topical formula that will not irritate your skin. See what all the hype is- try it now and see results within just weeks! Forget about finding buttocks enhancement surgery, try this first...

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