excercises for a bigger butt

Glutimax offers excercises for a bigger butt in addition to our revolutionary butt enhancement cream.

To properly perform exercises for a bigger butt (gluteus maximus), try your best to complete each of these exercises for 4 or 6 sets of 6 to 12 repetitions. These are highly recommended to use with Glutimax for maximum results! Between sets, give yourself three to five minutes rest and get right back into it again! Use of handheld barbells which will maximize your gains and allow you to perform at least six repetitions, but no more than 12 is the best way to perform these exercises for a bigger butt. ALWAYS remember to keep proper posture and form!

See the FULL LIST of our suggested excercises for a bigger butt to use in conjunction with Glutimax for maximum results.

stiff legged dead lifts

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts. Stand with your feet at shoulder width and lined up under a weighted barbell. Reaching down, firmly grasp the bar just beyond the width of your hips and with your palms facing your body. FORM AND POSTURE IS CRITICAL!!! Lifting the bar up off the floor, stand up straight. This puts you in the start position. Slightly bend at the knees and bend forward at the waist lowering the bar toward your feet. Maintain a straight back posture with your head up (helps keep your spine in proper alignment). Continue lowering the bar until your back is parallel or at a 90 degree angle at the waist slowly lift back up returning to the starting position. SLOW AND STEADY! Always keep proper posture and form! flutter kicks Flutter Kicks. Lie down on nice soft yet firm surface such as a workout mat. Lift your legs so they are about 6 inches elevated off the floor. Lift one leg to approximately 12 inches maintaining a straight leg. Once you reach 12 inches with the first leg, slowly return it to the 6 inch position while at the same time raising the opposite leg to the 12 inch height. Continue to alternate your legs in this manner. Complete this exercise until you experience muscle fatigue or exhaustion. Does this exercise for a bigger butt seem too easy? The addition of ankle weights will surely have that butt feeling the burn! hip lifter Hip Lifter (with or without a workout ball). This is a great one of many exercises for a bigger butt! The addition of weights resting on your hips will add more difficulty as well as add more intensity to this butt exercise! Lie on your exercise ball with your head, neck and shoulders well supported, knees bent and toes lifted upwards. Start by lowering your hips towards the ground while not allowing the ball to roll. Squeeze your gluts (butt) to raise your hips until your body is flat. This is a single repetition. leg lifts Leg Lifts are one of many equipment free superb exercises for a bigger butt! Works on your thighs, hips and your butt! With your hands behind your back, lean forward until your back is level to the ground. Place your right leg to the side and rest your foot down on your toes. Proceed to squat with your left leg while you lift the right a few inches from the ground. Return your right leg to the floor and straighten your left again returning to your start position. Repeat this 8-16 times (reps) then switch and perform on the other side in the same manner.

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