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Glutimax butt enhancement cream along with exercise for bigger butt is a safe and effective formulation is a deep penetrating, micro active topical butt enhancement cream that can actually make your buttocks bigger, rounder and firmer in just weeks!

See the FULL LIST of our suggested excercises for a bigger butt to use in conjunction with Glutimax for maximum results.

You do not need expensive gym memberships to exercise for bigger booty! The gluteus maximus (one of 4 muscle groups in your butt) is where the overall size of your butt comes from. It is the largest muscle of the butt. The gluteus medius and minimus give your butt its height, since they are at the upper portion of the butt, by your lower back. The tensor fasciae latae determines how round your butt is, and are located at the sides of your butt. Exercise for bigger butt where you move your torso closer or farther from the ground while bending or extending your knees, such as the squat, dead lift and lunge, target the butt's gluteus maximus and are excellent exercise for bigger butt! Try some of these techniques along with our revolutionary Glutimax butt enhancement cream product...

lying leg raises Lying Leg Raises. This exercise for bigger butt is just as simple as it sounds! Begin in a lying down position face-up on a workout bench. Keep your body as flat to the ground as possible. Now, raise your knees as close to your head as you can without causing pain. Simply drop your legs back to their starting position. Repeat 8-12 times (one set), followed by a rest period of approx two minutes and repeat. This exercise for bigger butt concentrates on the tensor fasciae latae. Strengthening this muscle, you will give your butt a nice shapely rounder appearance! glute squeeze Glute Squeeze. This exercise for bigger butt can be done discreetly anywhere you are! Work, movie theatre, even in your car, the glut squeeze can be performed without anyone knowing you are even doing it! Simply tighten your butt muscles up as hard as you can and hold like this for 10-20 seconds then relax for 2-3 seconds. Continue to do this exercise for bigger butt 10-20 times or until you feel the tightness or burn! bridges Bridges. While lying on your back, straighten your legs and place your heels upon the seat of a chair. Only have your heels touching the chair. Support yourself by placing your arms outward for balance. Now, squeeze that butt, lifting your pelvis and hips off the floor as high as you can without straining your back (remember you are working your butt not your back). You want to hold in this position while squeezing your butt as tight as you can for at least 30 seconds before you return to the floor. Do this 5-10 times until that butt burns! mountain climber Mountain Climbers. This exercise for a bigger booty can make that butt burn faster than it sounds! Simply get in the pushup position to start out. From there you want to place one foot towards your shoulders making it look like you are trying to walk on your hands and feet or crawl. Now, you will hop your other foot towards your shoulders while returning the other foot to the pushup position simultaneously. Keep alternating feet and make sure they switch at the same time. While doing this, keep a straight back, arching is cheating! Fast is good but form is better. If you do these slow you will need to perform more reps. Figure out how many reps you can do until you get the burning to start, then add 5 more to that.

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