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Glutimax encourages using exercises to make your butt bigger for maximum results! Here are some of the best proven butt exercises to use along with our all natural and safe product. Consistent and proper use of the Glutimax program along with a few simple exercises to make your butt bigger is the key to see maximum results in the quickest amount of time!

See the FULL LIST of our suggested exercises to make your butt bigger to utilize in conjunction with Glutimax for maximum results.

lunges Lunges are an excellent exercise to make your butt bigger. One of just several exercises to make your butt bigger (and one of Jessica Simpson's favorites), the lunge works your gluteus maximus (your butt). Several types of lunges can be performed to break up the monotony. You have standard lunges, walking lunges, side lunges and the alternating lunges. To really advance the exercises to make your butt bigger, add some small weights in the form of handheld dumbbells and start to feel the burn! No pain no gain! squats Squats are another great form of exercises! You can use weights in the form of small handheld dumbbells, or even a weight bar loaded down with weight (suggest this for the more advanced exercisers, with a spotter). Squats are a long proven way of training your gluteus maximus (butt). Vary the distance between your feet in stance. Feet closer together gives you more of a quads workout (front of thighs), and the further your feet are apart will carry the focus of the exercises to make your butt bigger while working on the hips as well. Correct posture and form are essential in this, perform the exercises in front of a mirror or with a friend and keep things in proper posture and form- a sloppy workout will never reap the rewards you want when using exercises to make your butt bigger! stairmaster Stairmasters/Stairclimbers are yet another one of several simple exercises that work. Use this type of exercise at a SLOW frequency. Utilize proper form and a normal gait or pace. Too short of stepping as well as overstepping or overextending your range of motion by stepping to high for example, will only strain muscles and are unnatural positions that do not promote making your butt bigger. We recommend 30 minutes- no cheating! proper form! You will not only make your butt bigger, you are increasing your cardiovascular health at the same time for a healthier heart! hip raises Hip Raises are another nice example. Lie on the floor with your feet flat. Position any form of weight such as a plate weight, dumbbell or even a child (perfect for you new moms) across your hips. Pushing your feet against the floor, pick up your hips. You will feel your body weight shift to your shoulders. Raise your hips up as high as you can. Hold for 3-5 seconds then SLOWLY lower your hips back down, ensuring to stop just short of returning to the floor. Again hold in position 3-5 seconds and then repeat this sequence of exercises to make your butt bigger.

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