Glutimax Butt Cream Wholesale Program

glutimax wholesale program

We are proud to let you know that the Glutimax product does have a wholesale program. We offer Glutimax at a discounted price where a bulk amount of units can be purchased and re-sold. This is something a business would want to take advantage of if they own a retail e-commerce website, a brick and mortar retail store, salon, herbal outlet, etc.

This is also a very attractive program to retailers as the profit margin on our product is high. There are not many products in the industry today that retailers can mark up 100% or more.

We do have a strict minimum retail pricing policy. So you never have to worry about other retails "under selling" you. Meanwhile this also helps keep the Glutimax brand exclusive and reputable with all of our resellers.

Contact Us To Start Selling Glutimax Via Our Wholesale Program

glutimax butt enhancement cream

If you are interested in reselling Glutimax and are interested in the pricing and minimum quantity requirements, please contact us. We have trained and professional wholesale representatives that are eager to work with you and get you started! We will work with you as much as possible on the pricing so things will work for you and your business.

Glutimax would be a great product addition to your business. We have had an unbelievable success rate with it. We are getting many re-orders, testimonials, referrals, etc. This speaks for itself when it comes to increasing your residual business. This cream does also maintain an under 1% return ratio!

Don't Want To Deal With Shipping, Customer Service, Etc?

If you do not have a store front or a website, do not want to carry inventory, cannot ship orders, deal with customer service, etc. We also offer an affiliate program that may be ideal for you. This would be in the case where you'd like to promote and sell Glutimax, however you cannot carry product inventory, ship orders to customers, etc.

Regarding the affiliate program, you can easily link your website (or other links) to us and make a commission on all of the orders that originate from you. Not only can you drive traffic to us via web links, you can input your customer's orders in on the telephone. For instance, you could be taking telephone orders from a classified ad you've placed and inputting the orders in from the phone.

There are many ways to go about promoting the Glutimax product. Naturally, the more you put into the program, the more you will take out!

If you are more interested in our affiliate program rather than our wholesale program- learn more, sign up and start selling now for FREE. Please visit our affiliate program page.

Thank you for showing an interest in Glutimax! We will work with you as much as possible on the pricing so things will work for you and your business. We look forward to possibly working with you in the near future...

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