Posted on October 17th, 2013

Written By: Glutimax

Scumbag in Florida arrested for giving illegal butt enhancement injections

So this guy in Orlando, Matthew Schultz, was arrested for “practicing medicine without a license”. This dirt bag has been illegally shooting up people with silicone butt injections that couldn’t afford to have them done professionally. This guy was doing sometimes up to 6 injections per day! The cops grabbed him in a hotel room with 15 bottles of silicone liquid, 47 bottles of lidocaine, syringes, super glue, gloves, needles and $18,000 in cash. All we can type is…. WOW!

These guys are everywhere these days. People everywhere are seeking butt augmentation now a days. It’s a big request lately amongst consumers. They’re looking for fuller and firmer buttocks. This is why our all natural and safe product, Glutimax butt enhancement, was invented! Glutimax cream was developed from studies and clinical trials of men and women who were interested in obtaining butt enhancement results. But they didn’t want to deal with costly and dangerous surgery or butt injections.

These stories really aren’t surprising. Why would women and men seeking butt enhancement pay $12,000 to have it done professionally when they can hook up with these shady guys and and get shot up with injections for a lousy $250, right? WRONG! These illegal procedures should not be an option for these consumers! These underground scumbags purchase their non-medical grade silicone from hardware stores like Home Depot!

If your surgeon is getting their medical supplies here, you better run away and never look back! Did you know that authorities have investigated more than a dozen deaths related to these shady butt injections just within the last year or so?

Direct silicone injections are dangerous and should be done by a trained medical professional only. Why would anyone trust these unlicensed doctors who operate out of a hotel room? We just don’t understand it. Please everyone- try a natural and safe alternative first! Try Glutimax butt enhancement risk free and keep your health and your life, PLEASE!


The Glutimax Team

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